Kirby Endorsement

Although not political by nature, I feel that I must comment on the local and national political scene and the candidacy of my friend Britt W.Moore.

The son of my business partner, David Moore, Britt grew up under the influences of our joint business ventures in furniture manufacturing and textile manufacturing. These small businesses employed several hundred skilled workers at multiple locations in the Triad.

Britt experienced the negative impact of the NAFTA TRADE AGREEMENT. He witnessed first hand our jobs being rapidly “sucked out of the country”, as predicted by then Presidential candidate, Ross Perot.

Britt understands that the foundation and the wealth of this country are based on manufacturing, mining, farming and production. Our outstanding heavy equipment and industrial machines were valued by developing countries. Automobile production, the mining of coal and oil, and the production of consumer goods made America prosperous. These type industries provided jobs and vast amounts of taxes to support government and the services provided thereby.

With the loss of manufacturing, the source of financial wealth and taxes, the furniture and textile industries moved first to Hong Kong, then to Mexico and now to China. I fear we will never recapture our source of strength without a change of government policy on a national and local scale.

Britt Moore understands the major errors we have allowed our government to make during “our watch” over the past 50 years. He has seen the results of lost industry, lost jobs, and lost wealth in our local area. I have known Britt since his birth and feel strongly that he will be an asset to the city government as a member of City Council. I encourage everyone to vote for him in his first effort to do something about our self destructive course of the past years.

McCormick Endorsement

As a professional educator and school administrator with over 40 years experience, I have had the opportunity to work with and observe thousands of young people over the years. In 1980, it was my privilege to become acquainted with a young man named Britt W. Moore. He was a student at T. Wingate Andrews High School when I first met him, and I have followed his progress and growth through the past 30 years.

As a student, Britt was well rounded and interacted positively with other students and teachers at the school. He participated in the activities of the school and was involved in extra-curricular opportunities there.

Britt W. Moore is currently running for an at-large seat on High Point City Council. I consider it an honor to endorse such a fine young man for this position. I know the qualities I have observed in him when he was in high school are the same qualities he will bring to the City Council. He is intelligent, well rounded, thoughtful, and compassionate. He works well with others and is a problem solver. I endorse Britt W. Moore.


Angelica McCormick Green